PREAUTHORIZATION OF MONTHLY ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER FROM YOUR FUNDING SOURCE: By clicking “I agree” to enter into this Program Agreement, you authorize Acorns and any of its agents, for the entire period, if any, in which your Portfolio Account(s) are subject to a Subscription Fee under Section 2 of the Program Agreement, to process a recurring ACH debit from your Funding Source in the amount specified in Section 2 of the Program Agreement. Any ACH debit you preauthorize in the preceding sentence will result in an electronic funds transfer from your Funding Source to Acorns to pay, if applicable, the Subscription Fee. Acorns or any of its agents may charge a fee if your ACH debit fails due to insufficient funds in your Funding Source. You further authorize Acorns to instruct the Carrying Broker to sell, as necessary, ETF Shares in your Portfolio Account and to transfer money out of one or more of your Portfolio Accounts to pay Acorns or the Carrying Broker amounts, if any, of the Subscription Fee and, if any, other fees due under the Agreements. The ETF Share sales you authorize in the preceding sentence include without limitation sales to pay: (i) any Subscription Fee if your Funding Source is closed or disconnected from your Portfolio Account or its transactions restricted; (ii) any Subscription Fees if the preauthorized recurring monthly ACH debit you authorized above is rejected in any month due to non-sufficient funds; (iii) any fees other than the Subscription Fee that may apply to any of your Portfolio Accounts under the Program Agreement.