The Referral Disclosure


Thank you for your interest in Acorns!  Below you will find important information about the Acorns referral program for your review and acceptance.  


The Acorns referral program is open to all United States legal residents or citizens that currently reside in the United States. Exceptions are made for active Armed Services personnel that maintain a U.S. address and are temporarily overseas in connection with their service.


Acorns Advisors, LLC (“Acorns”) is an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Throughout this Referral Disclosure, Referring Client means an investment advisory client of Acorns who has entered into an investment advisory agreement with Acorns and has decided to make referrals. Potential New Client means an individual whom a Referring Client, using the links provided by Acorns, has invited to open an Acorns Account and who has never opened an Acorns Account before being invited by the Referring Client to do so.  In addition, this Referral Disclosure uses the terms “you,” “your” or “yours” to refer to you in your capacity as a Potential New Client and “we,” “us,” “our” and “ours” to refer to Acorns.


As a Potential New Client, you have been invited by the Referring Client, to open an Acorns Account (the “Referral”). To open your Acorns Account, please follow the instructions in the link provided by the Referring Client and be sure to also review and accept the terms of the Acorns Client Program Agreement, specifically the Investment Advisory Agreement that is in Attachment A. The Program Agreement highlights the fees associated with opening specific tiers of Acorns Accounts, as well as other terms and conditions of the available Acorns Accounts, and should be reviewed carefully. 


The Referring Client is an investment advisory client of Acorns who has entered into the Investment Advisory Agreement that is Attachment A to the Program Agreement and has decided to make Referrals.

Acorns will credit your Acorns Invest Account with one or more “Rewards” only after the you and the Referring Client have met all eligibility criteria under the terms and conditions for the applicable referral promotion, which will vary by promotion.  In order to receive a referral Reward, you must (1) open an Acorns Portfolio Account type specified by the applicable referral promotion within 30 days of receiving the Referral from the Referring Client; (2) be accepted by Acorns as a client; (3) deposit the minimum amount of $5 into at least one of your Acorns Portfolio Accounts (Acorns Invest, Acorns Early, or Acorns Later)  (Acorns has discretion to waive the $5 deposit under certain conditions); (4) hold a minimum balance of $5 in your Acorns Portfolio Account for a minimum of 30 days; and (5) if applicable, maintain the type of paid subscription with Acorns for the number of billing period specified by the applicable referral promotion, Acorns will credit your Acorns Invest Account with the amounts and types of Reward Shares that correspond to your Selected Portfolio and are collectively worth the Reward Amount at the time shares are purchased on the Reward Date.

You acknowledge and agree that, certain promotions with Rewards exceeding $5 may be contingent upon the Referring Client performing certain actions, which will be set out in the applicable Promotion Terms. Acorns, at its sole discretion, may make available certain promotions with different Reward Amounts to other Acorns users or prospective users. These promotions, unless offered to you, shall have no bearing whatsoever on your Agreement or relationship with Acorns.



The Referring Client will also receive compensation from us when you receive a Reward.  Specifically, once the $5 is deposited in the respective Acorns invest account of the Referring Client, Acorns will then make the purchase of securities. The Referring Client may also be eligible for a promotional bonus if a promotion is in effect and the terms and conditions of that promotion are met.  However, you will not be charged any amount for the cost of any compensation deposited into the Referring Client’s account or any advisory fees attributable to the existence of Acorns’s referral agreement with the Referring Client.  The fees associated with your Acorns Invest Account are defined in the Acorns Program Agreement, which you will have the opportunity to review before signing up for an Acorns Invest Account.


Please review a current copy of Acorn’s Form ADV Part 2A and Part 2B, pursuant to Rule 204-3.

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