The Acorns Path to $1,000,000 FAQs
What is the Acorns Path to $1,000,000?

The Acorns Path to $1,000,000 is a sweepstakes designed to help you reach your 2021 money milestones, celebrate your achievements, and help you move toward long-term financial wellness. At the end of the year, someone will win $1,000,000 for their future. On top of the $1,000,000 sweepstakes, we’ll be offering additional sweepstakes and giving away up to $10,000 each month. From acorns, mighty oaks do grow! Taxes will apply to any prize winnings. See the Official Rules for details on how to enter.

Are Acorns customers automatically entered?

Yes, Acorns customers who maintain their account until December 15, 2021 automatically earn 20 entries to win. To sign up as an Acorns customer, tap here so you can earn entries to win and start achieving money milestones.

How do I enter to win?

Acorns customers are automatically entered to win and must maintain their Acorns account until December 15, 2021 (the end of the sweepstakes period) to be eligible to earn entries. To sign up as an Acorns customer, tap here. If you’re not an Acorns customer, see Official Rules for alternative methods of entry.

How do I know you counted my entry?

We’ll confirm entries for Acorns customers by the end of the sweepstakes, and we’re working on a few surprises to make it easier and more fun to track your milestones along the Acorns Path to $1,000,000!

Can I still get entries if I join after Path to $1,000,000 starts?

Yes! We believe that the best day to start investing was yesterday, but the second best day is today. Anyone who completes the Acorns Path to $1,000,000 milestones by December 15, 2021 is eligible. 

What if I opened my Acorns accounts before the sweepstakes started?

If you opened a Checking, Later, or Early account before 2021 and maintain your Acorns account until December 15, 2021, you’ll earn extra entries for achieving those milestones. See Official Rules for details on how to earn entries.

When will the winner be selected?

The Acorns Path to $1,000,000 sweepstakes ends on December 15, 2021. The winner will be randomly selected before the end of the 2021. 

Why is Acorns doing this?

For many of us, $1,000,000 is an aspirational symbol of wealth. But it’s daunting to think about how we can ever get there. This year, we want to help you take both big and small steps on your financial wellness journey, and celebrate your money milestones along the way. From acorns, mighty oaks do grow!

Can I earn sweepstakes entries without opening an IRA retirement account with Acorns?

Yes! You are not required to open an IRA retirement account with Acorns or roll over any existing retirement accounts you may already have in order to earn entries in this sweepstakes. You can view the alternative forms of entry here.

Where can I find more detailed information?

See Official Rules for full details.

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