What does Acorns Harvest do?

Acorns Harvest has developed a wide array of features to help you become more aware of your financial practices, improve your financial health and thus achieve a more stable financial future.

  • Keep track of your financial health with PRO Index. The proprietary rating takes into account what you make, what you spend, and what you owe to give you a true picture of your financial standing.

  • Negotiate bank fees and interest charges and get them refunded with Auto Negotiate and Assisted Negotiation. The fee finder will identify negotiable fees and help you get them refunded back to your account.

  • Understand and organize your debt with the Debt Management tool. Here you will be able to organize your debt based on how much you can pay and minimize the total interest you pay.

  • See what you spend your hard-earned money on with the Expense Analysis. They aggregate the expenses across your accounts so you can truly see how much you are spending and on what categories.

Uncover your recurring payments. They scan for charges that you incur periodically and show you how much you end up paying for them each year.

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