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How can I earn when I shop?

There are two ways to earn Found Money! First, we have exclusive offers with brands that will invest in you when you simply use an Acorns-linked card to make your purchase. 

For most of our offers, you must tap “Shop Now” on the offer screen before you make your purchase. Then, you must make your purchase within the same session. This is to ensure successful tracking of your purchase. 

These offers only work when our Found Money partners are able to communicate to us that you shopped with them. Our partners must be able to recognize you as an Acorns customer and also be able to send us information about your purchase. 

Here’s a checklist to help you successfully earn Found Money rewards:

  1. Make sure ad-blockers or cookie blockers are disabled on your device or browser.

  2. Make sure your purchase is not activated through other cash-back sites or browser extensions.

    1. Cashback services that are installed in your browser may take credit for your order, and thus we would be unable to reward you. If you have any other cashback services activated, please deactivate them before starting your Found Money session.

  1. Make sure that you click the link in the Acorns app and make the purchase in the same session.

    1. This is so our Found Money partner can communicate to us that you shopped with them!

  1. Avoid shopping in private browsing or incognito modes. 

  2. Lastly, be aware that spyware or adware programs can prevent our Found Money partners from sharing information about your purchase.

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