How do I set up Smart Deposit?

Follow these simple steps to start automatically investing, from each paycheck!

  1. From the Acorns Home screen click “Bank Smarter”

  2. Scroll down and tap the “Get Started” button on the Smart Deposit card

  3. Enter your estimated monthly direct deposit amount. We’ll suggest how much to invest in each account based on how much you expect to earn.

  4. Pick your settings. Tell us how much you want to invest in each Acorns account.

  5. After saving your Smart Deposit distribution, download the direct deposit form

  6. Email the direct deposit form to your employer(s). It may take 1-3 pay cycles for your first direct deposit to process.

  7. Turn on Smart Deposit. When your next paycheck arrives, it will be automatically distributed based on your selected settings. You can adjust these settings any time in your app.

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