Is there risk involved in my investment?

Yes. The securities you own are always subject to market fluctuations. This is why we advocate long-term investment goals. Here are a few other key benefits:

Modern Portfolio Theory

Acorns portfolios were built by experts, with help from Nobel Laureate in Economics, Dr. Harry Markowitz — known as the "Father of Modern Portfolio Theory." Modern Portfolio Theory is used to design portfolios intended to provide maximum returns for a given level of risk.


Acorns portfolios include funds with more than 7,000 stocks & bonds — so all your eggs are never in one basket.

Automatic Rebalancing

Since we know the market fluctuates, we built technology to automatically rebalance your portfolio to adjust to those shifts, and continue providing maximum possible return for minimum risk. Rebalancing essentially means selling shares and buying others, so that the ratios you chose when you first picked your portfolio remain the same.

Regular Investing

Acorns’ automated investing features allow you to invest small amounts regularly over time, so you can buy more shares when prices are down and fewer shares at higher prices.

We can't make the market more predictable, but we are doing everything we can to help you take advantage of it over time.

For more information about our investment methodology, please visit our Investments page.

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