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Where is my money invested?

The 5 different Acorns portfolios are composed of exchange traded funds — ETFs for short. An ETF is made of broad holdings of stocks and/or bonds. Depending on your portfolio, you’re invested in a mix of companies, markets, real estate and bonds.

The overview of the ETFs can be found below:

Large Company - VOO

Medium Company - IJH

Small Company - VB

Small Company - IJR

Developed Market - VEA

International Company - IXUS

Emerging Market - VWO

Real Estate - VNQ

Corporate Bond - LQD

Government Bond - SHY

Short Term Government Bond - SHV

Short Term Government Bond - GBIL

Ultra Short Term Government Bond - BIL

Ultra Short Term Corporate Bond - JPST

Ultra Short Term Corporate Bond - ICSH

US Aggregate Bonds - AGG

Short Term Bonds - ISTB

Please note that depending on your portfolio, your investments may not include some of these ETFs. To see which ETFs your portfolio includes, please visit acorns.com/invest or the portfolio screen.

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