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What is the Acorns Pricing structure?

Paying for your Acorns subscription is as easy as $1, $2, $3!

Previously, Acorns Core was $1 per month, and once your Acorns Core balance reached $5,000, Acorns was .25% annually. Now, our new structure is even more cost-effective as it's $1/month until you have $1 million invested with us! When you become a millionaire, Acorns is $100 per month per million dollars.

As we add new products to help you grow, we’re sticking with the same, predictable pricing structure.

$1/month: Customers with an Acorns Core account pay $1/month until they have $1 million invested.  Acorns Core at this level is still free for college students.
$2/month: Customers who open an Acorns Later account will pay $2/month, and get all the benefits of Acorns Core, plus Acorns Later — our retirement account. 3 types of IRA’s: Roth, SEP, Traditional. We recommend the one that’s right for you.  
$3/month: Our predictable, transparent pricing model paves the way for the Acorns 2018 roadmap. Later this year, customers will get Acorns Core + Acorns Later + Acorns Spend. We can’t wait to launch a new way to help you grow!

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