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How Do Round-Ups Work?

Great question!

Acorns Invest investors link Round-Up accounts to invest spare change automatically from everyday purchases. There is no limit to how many checking accounts, debit cards, and/or credit cards you can link as Round-Up accounts. Once you link Round-Up account(s), Acorns virtually rounds up your purchases to the next dollar, and invests that change.

As an example, if you buy groceries for $25.45, we’ll automatically round up $.55. When your Round-Ups across your linked accounts reach at least $5, we’ll transfer that amount from your Funding Source only. Remember, all Acorns investments are transferred from your one, Funding Source — even Round-Ups.

You can review and connect new Round-Up accounts by visiting Settings > Linked Cards.

To learn more about Round-Ups, feel free to watch the videos below:

1. How it Works
2. What are Round-Ups?
3. How To View Your Round-Ups History
4. How To Make Manual Round-Ups
5. How To View Your Round-Ups Summary

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