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What's the difference between a Round-Up account and Funding Source?

Funding Source: The Funding Source is the primary checking account from which we transfer all of your Acorns investments, including Round-Ups. Even if you have credit cards linked for Round-Ups, once your Round-Ups across all of your linked accounts reach at least $5, we transfer the amount from your Funding Source only. And if you ever withdraw money from any of your Acorns accounts, we’ll deposit those funds into your Funding Source.

You can only choose one Funding Source, and we recommend selecting your primary checking account. Business accounts are not supported. You can review your Funding Source by going to Settings > Linked accounts.

Round-Up Account(s): Acorns Invest investors link Round-Up accounts to invest spare change automatically from everyday purchases. There is no limit to how many checking accounts, debit cards, and/or credit cards you can link as Round-Up accounts. Once your account(s) are linked, Acorns will virtually round up your purchases to the next dollar and invest that change.

As an example, if you buy groceries for $25.45, we’ll automatically round up $0.55. When Round-Ups across your linked accounts reach at least $5, we’ll transfer that amount from your Funding Source only.

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