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I am paying $2 per month for my Acorns subscription, what subscription tier am I on?

To help customers make the most of Acorns, we discontinued our $2/month tier, and bundled our core products, Invest, Later, and Spend, into Acorns Personal. Acorns Personal is our all-in-one tier, and allows customers to tap into our full financial wellness system to save and invest every day.

If you signed up for Acorns prior to May 20, 2020 and are paying $2 a month, your fees are still the same unless you change your program to one of our new tiers.  We are no longer offering the $2 subscription to new customers, or customers who change plans.

Our new subscription tiers are Acorns Lite ($1/month), Acorns Personal ($3/month) and Acorns Family ($5/month). You can find more information about them on our website, www.acorns.com.

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