Invite Friends, Get $5

Thanks for helping your friends grow wealth with us! Find information below on our ongoing, automatic $5 referral reward, and our special referral bonuses.

When you refer friends to Acorns using your custom referral link, and they invest at least $5 in their new Acorns Invest account, we will invest a $5 “thank you” bonus into your Acorns Invest account. We will also invest $5 into your friend’s Acorns Invest account as a welcome boost after they make their first investment. This usually takes a few business days to process. These requirements must be met to receive a referral bonus:

1. Friend must use your referral link to create an account in the same month that you send the link
2. Friend must have his/her account approved
3. Friend must make a successful investment

You can view your referral bonuses on the Recent Activity screen of your Invest account in the Acorns app.

If there is someone who's completed the above requirements and you haven’t received the reward, please allow 2-5 business days to see it as pending on your past screen.

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