How do I reopen an Acorns Checking account?

We are working to make this option available to all eligible customers. If you’ve received an email or app notification from us that this has been enabled for you, you can sign up for Acorns Checking again with the following steps (please note that an Acorns Support representative will not be able to complete this process for you):

  1. Log into your account

  2. Click on the Acorns Checking tab where you will see a blue “Reopen” button

  3. Complete the sign-up process from here which will be the same steps as when you originally signed up for an account

Please note that our team is still in the process of rolling out this feature. If this is not available to you, this means our team has determined that you are ineligible to reopen your Acorns Checking account as a result of prior account activity that violated the Acorns Program Agreement.

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