What are the Spend Cash, Purchase and Transfer Limits?

Spend has built-in limits on all transaction types. These transaction limits cannot be raised. 

Daily Limits

  • Max to push into Spend: $7,000
  • Max to pull out of Spend: $7,000
  • Max check deposit limit: $5,000 or 3 total transactions
  • Max transaction limit (card swipes): $4,000
  • Max ATM/bank teller withdrawal limit: $500
    • Please note that money orders count towards the withdrawal limit.
    • Please note that ATM withdrawal fees count towards the withdrawal limit. 
    • Cash-back at a large merchant like Walmart MAY count toward the ATM limit, but this is up to the merchant and how they run the transaction. It is not a 100% guarantee that it will. 
  • Max ACH withdrawal limit: $7,000

Monthly Limits

  • Max pull out of Spend: $50,000
  • Max check deposit limit: $20,000 or 25 total transactions

Please note, there are 3 different types of withdrawals that can take place (ACH, Purchases, ATM). Each withdrawal-type has its own limit that doesn’t affect the other withdrawal limits. There is also no max deposit limit for a customer that wishes to deposit funds from a different banking institution with sufficient funds into your Spend account using your Spend account and routing number. 


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