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What is the Round-Ups Multiplier?

The Round-Ups Multiplier is a handy way to increase the amount of funds you are investing from your spare change. When the Round-Ups Multiplier is enabled, your Round-Ups will be multiplied by the selected amount(2x,3x,10x). For example, if you were to make a purchase for $3.70, this transaction would normally be Rounded-Up $.30 to $4, but with a multiplier set to 2x, you would see $.60 Rounded-Up instead. You can enable or disable the Multiplier through the mobile app at any time by using the following instructions:

1. From the main menu, select Invest

2. Select your Core Account

2. Select Round-Ups

3. Select the amount you wish to multiply, or Off

*Please note the multiplier cannot be adjusted through Acorns.com*

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