Why is Acorns changing my subscription?

To continue growing our technology, business, and team for our customers, we are upgrading our Acorns Lite customers to Acorns Personal on September 21, and removing Acorns Lite from our Subscription Center. Your subscription will change from $1 per month to $3 per month, billed on your regular billing date.

If you are experiencing economic hardship and need to stick with a $1 per month tier, tap here and follow the prompts. We will honor your request.

We don’t take these decisions lightly, and want you to understand how we came to this one.

  • First, since 2014, we have not changed the price of our $1 per month subscription tier. We’ve grown the technology, security, team, and product, so it costs more to operate and we’ve carried that cost. But that’s not sustainable.
  • Second, this change aims to create revenue that we can reinvest in Acorns, so we can bring you and everyone more tools of wealth-making.
  • Finally, the majority of our new customers are choosing the Acorns Personal or Family tiers, so we believe these tiers are providing more of the services that people want.

Like every decision we make, this one was filtered through our mission to look after the financial best interests of the up-and-coming, beginning with the empowering, proud step of micro investing. We are excited to grow Acorns even more efficiently with you, and will work every day to help everyone save and invest.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any questions.

What are the Benefits of Acorns Personal?

  • Real-time Round-Ups® Invest spare change with every swipe of your new Acorns debit card, instead of waiting for it to add up to $5
  • Smart Deposit Automatically invest a piece of each paycheck
  • Acorns Later Easy, automated retirement account with potential tax advantages while you invest
  • Acorns Checking Our smart checking account with a heavy metal debit card that invests in you

I tried to opt into the $1 tier it didn't work.

If you are experiencing any issues opting into the $1 tier, the fix should be as easy as updating your Acorns app. First, close your Acorns app completely. Find Acorns in your app store and update your app to the latest version. Reopen the email you received from us, and tap the link to opt into the $1 tier. You should be directed to the prompts to stick with the $1 per month tier.

Can I stay at the $1 tier even if I'm not experiencing financial hardship?

Thank you for your honesty. You're welcome to stay at the $1 tier. Simply tap here to submit your request. You will remain at the $1 per month tier with access to the features you use today. We're excited to help you grow your oak.

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