Does Acorns store my bank log in information on their servers?

No. Acorns does not store your bank log in information.

For security, here is some information on how we do everything we can to protect your data: 
* Security: Your peace of mind is our highest priority. Acorns works to protect your information, prevent unauthorized account access, and to notify you of unusual activity. 
* SSL Encryption: The website and app are secured with 256-bit encryption. 
* SIPC Protected Accounts: Every Acorns account is protected up to $500,000.
* Account Alerts: We will contact you about unusual account activity for protection against fraud. 
* Bank-level Security: Secure servers, security and privacy verified by the top digital security and privacy companies, and physical security. 
* Account Safeguards: Multi-factor authentication, automatic log outs, and ID verification help prevent unauthorized access. 
* Privacy: Acorns is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of any personal information about our users.

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