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Invest for the kids in your life now, because time goes fast.

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Acorns Early Acorns Early
Included with Acorns Family subscription

Open an Acorns Early account now to invest for the kids in your life

The earlier you begin, the more time that money has a chance to grow. Start with $5 and give your kids an easy, automated head start.
Get investing, checking, retirement, and kids' investing all in one easy app.
Automatic Recurring Investments
Automatic Recurring Investments
Try just $5 a day, week, or month.
Flexible funds
Flexible funds
With a Uniform Transfer/Gift to Minors account (UTMA/UGMA), funds can be used in ways that directly benefit the child.
Multiple kids accounts
Multiple kids accounts
Create Early accounts for each of the kids in your life at no extra cost.
Potential tax advantages
Potential tax advantages
Get potential tax advantages while you invest in the kids you love.
Grow your knowledge, together
Grow your knowledge, together
Education and financial literacy content for families from Acorns.
A fast & easy investment account for kids A fast & easy investment account for kids
A fast & easy investment account for kids
Dark Green Checkmark Sign up in minutes
Dark Green Checkmark Just add a name, birthday, and SSN
Dark Green Checkmark Simple, automatic recurring contributions
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Less restrictions. More flexibility.
Acorns Early is an UTMA/UGMA custodial account (Uniform Transfer to Minors/Uniform Gift to Minors). Unlike other accounts intended for educational expenses only (like a 529), Early funds can be used in various ways when it directly benefits the child like a first car or extra-curricular activities.
Green Checkmark Use the funds in ways that directly benefit the child
Green Checkmark Easily transfer the funds over to an Acorns Invest account for the child when they are grown
Green Checkmark Potential tax advantages along the way
Less restrictions. More flexibility. Less restrictions. More flexibility.
Invest with Smart Deposit Invest with Smart Deposit
Invest with Smart Deposit
Acorns Smart Deposit automatically invests a piece of your paycheck for you into your Acorns Early account. It's built into Acorns Checking, and comes included with your subscription.
Dark Green Checkmark Invest a piece of every paycheck automatically
Dark Green Checkmark Pick how much to invest, starting at 1%, and change it any time
Dark Green Checkmark Allocate a percentage to your Invest, Later, and Early accounts
Receive gifts from anyone
Invite friends and family to give a gift that can grow. Simply share a link and allow anyone to easily contribute directly to your Acorns Early account.
Receive gifts from anyone Receive gifts from anyone
Unlock exclusive bonus savings & investments Unlock exclusive bonus savings & investments
Unlock exclusive bonus savings & investments
Discover exclusive offers and earn even more bonus investments when you shop with family-friendly brands like Disney+, ABC Mouse, and The Honest Company.
Grow your knowledge, together
Grow your Oak
Get a free digital copy of our children's book, “Grow Your Oak” when you sign up.
Grow your Oak Image Grow your Oak Image

Frequently asked

How does Acorns Early work?

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Acorns Early is our investment account for kids that can come with potential tax benefits. If you are in the Acorns Family tier, Acorns Early is built into your subscription at no extra cost.


  1. Get started in minutes and add multiple kids at no extra cost.
  2. Set up an easy Recurring Investment for the child you love.
  3. Get potential tax benefits while you invest. 
  4. Acorns Early is a UTMA/UGMA account, which stands for Uniform Transfer/Gift to Minors Account. This type of account is more flexible than a traditional college savings account and the funds can be used in other ways that directly benefit the child.
  5. Invite friends and family to invest for the child, too!


Don’t have kids? With Acorns Early, you can start an account for any child in your life!


To explore Acorns Early, tap “Invest” from your home screen or tap the Invest icon from your bottom navigation. 


Then, tap “Early”.


Have the child’s birthday and social security number ready to get started. Social security numbers are required to open any investment account. We use data encryption and bank-level security to protect your personal information. Remember to talk to your tax advisor or visit for information on tax benefits that may apply to you. 


Acorns Early makes it easy to invest for the child or children you love, and instill smart money habits early in life.


Acorns Early makes it easy to invest for the child or children you love, and instill smart money habits early in life.

What portfolio is selected for my Early account?

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All Early customers are placed into our “Aggressive Portfolio”.

When can kids access money in their Early accounts?

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Children can access the funds in their Early account when they reach the age of transfer. The specific age of transfer is determined by each state, and may be anywhere from 18 to 25. Acorns will contact you with guidance when the age of transfer is approaching.

Why should I invest in an Early account instead of a 529?

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Actually, you can invest in a 529 and an Acorns Early account. You don’t have to choose. The primary difference between the two is that funds held in 529s are intended solely for qualified educational expenses. 


Funds you invest in Early can be used for expenses that directly benefit the child named on the account, so many people find them to be more flexible. 


And, while both types of investment accounts come with potential tax benefits, they vary. Visit to learn the latest. 

What do I need to open an Early account?

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You can open an Acorns Early account for any child under the age of 18, whether they’re your own child, a niece or nephew or even the child of a friend. All you need is the child’s full legal name, date of birth, and Social Security Number.


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