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In under 3 minutes, open an easy investment account for kids, and unlock our financial wellness system.

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Save and invest for your family, in the background of life.

Icon Get Acorns Early, plus our full financial wellness system, with investment, retirement, and checking accounts built in
Icon Grow your knowledge together, with financial literacy content for families, powered by Acorns and CNBC
Icon Set it and forget it with easy Recurring Investments, starting at $5 a day, week, or month
Icon As a UTMA/UGMA account, Early funds are for anything that benefits the child, and easily transferrable when they're grown
Icon Multiple kids per family at no added cost per child, and potential tax advantages while you invest
Icon Find exclusive savings and bigger bonus investments from partners like Disney+ and ABC Mouse


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The power of investing early

What type of account is Acorns Early?

Early is a UTMA / UGMA account. Unlike a 529 that can only be used for education, you can use the funds for anything that benefits the child.

When does the account transfer to the child?

Your Early UTMA / UGMA account can be transferred easily to the child at their “age of transfer.” This is a fancy term for “adult,” because the definition of "adult" varies from place to place.

What is my Acorns Early portfolio?

Since Early investors have a long investing horizon, they get to be in our aggressive portfolio, to maximize potential long-term gains.

Simple, transparent plans

Rather than surprise fees, we bundle our products into subscription tiers that support your financial wellness.

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