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What's Better Than Cash Back?

Shop with our Found Money partners, and they'll automatically invest in your Acorns account! Cash forward is the new cash back.

Link a Card.

Make sure to shop with the credit or debit card that you've linked to your Acorns account. If you don't have a card linked yet, you can do that in less than a minute.

Track Your Found Money.

For more details on how much you’ll earn when you shop with each brand, check out the Found Money page in your app. We’ll be adding even more brands in the coming months.

Found Money will appear in your account within 60-120 days of your purchase. You will be able to see the status of your Found Money in the history screen in your app.

Earn As You Shop

Download our free Found Money Chrome Extension and earn Found Money while you shop!

What is Found Money?

Found Money is another way Acorns makes investing automatic. When you shop with our Found Money partner brands, they invest in your Acorns account.

How do I get brands to invest in me?

Found Money can be achieved in two ways: 1) To redeem “Tap & Get” offers you must tap in the app to see offer eligibility details and make a purchase through your mobile phone. 2) To redeem “Simply Spend” offers just use your Acorns-linked card. Whenever you shop with our partner brands using those cards, they’ll invest in you.

What are the rewards?

Each offer is unique. ​Check out the details in the app pertaining to each brand to learn about their reward.

Why do I need to link my cards?

You need to link your cards so that our Found Money partners know when you’ve shopped with them, and can reward you.

When will I get the rewards?

You will receive Found Money rewards within 60-120 days of your purchase. Check out the details for each partner in the app to learn more about offer eligibility and the estimated fulfillment period.

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Earn More Money

Find even more Found Money offers with our free Found Money Chrome Extension.