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Is Acorns Safe?

Jun 10, 2023
in a nutshell
  • The Acorns website and the Acorns app are secured with 256-bit encryption.
  • Acorns is a member of SIPC. Securities in your account are protected up to $500,000. For details, please see
  • Your Acorns Checking account is insured up to $250,000 per depositor.
Image of At Acorns, our mission is to look after the financial best interests of the up-and-coming, beginning with the empowering proud step of microinvesting.
in a nutshell
  • The Acorns website and the Acorns app are secured with 256-bit encryption.
  • Acorns is a member of SIPC. Securities in your account are protected up to $500,000. For details, please see
  • Your Acorns Checking account is insured up to $250,000 per depositor.

Since 2014, over 10 million users have invested over $15 billion dollars with Acorns. Your trust means the world to us, and it’s why we want to give a clear look at everything we do to protect your account with us.

Is Acorns safe?

First and foremost, there is no promise of safety when investing in the stock market. Risk of loss versus potential returns is a key principle of investing, and a personal decision for each individual to decide how much risk they would like to expose their money to. 

As a company, Acorns mission is to look after the financial best interests of the up and coming, beginning with the empowering, proud step of micro investing. While we cannot predict the performance of the stock market, or guarantee success, we follow certain investing principles that we believe help give your money the chance to grow. 

Long-term approach

Acorns favors a long-term investment approach that encourages steady, consistent investing in a diversified portfolio. Market volatility is common and expected, on the other hand the S&P 500 has seen an average return of over 10% per year since 1972. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but history has shown that the longer you can stay invested, the more chance your portfolio has to recover from volatility. We realize not every investor has the ability to invest for the long-term, so Acorns takes your investment time horizon into account when recommending a portfolio. 

Risk tolerance

Risk tolerance refers to the amount of risk that you, personally, can stomach with your investments. If you have a high tolerance for risk, you might be comfortable assuming much more risk than someone with a low tolerance for risk (or vice versa).

Acorns takes your risk tolerance into account, along with your age, income, and money goals to recommend an expert-built investment portfolio that fits your needs.


Acorns’ diversified portfolios are designed to limit volatility and attempt to reduce portfolio risk. In fact, with an Acorn Invest Account, some of our ETF portfolios offer exposure to over 7,000 different stocks & bonds — so all your eggs are not in one basket.

Acorns safety feature

Acorns makes protecting your data, privacy, and assets a top priority. Here are just a few of the tools we use to safeguard your account.

SSL encryption

The Acorns website and the Acorns app are secured with 256-bit encryption. What does that mean? Well, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption is designed to keep your information safe in three different ways.

First, SSL Encryption uses a secret code to transmit your data from your device to our servers. If someone intercepted your data, it would just look like a jumbled mess of numbers and letters.

Second, it authenticates both your device and our servers to make sure your data is going to the right place.

And third, it verifies that your data wasn’t tampered with along the way — kind of like the plastic seal on a bottle of iced tea.

Account alerts

To help protect against fraud, Acorns will contact you about any unusual account activity.

Your information is encrypted

Acorns encrypts your information, which is verified by top digital security and privacy companies, to help protect your assets and information.

Account safeguards

Acorns utilizes other features, like multi-factor authentication, automatic logouts, and ID verification, that help prevent unauthorized access to your account.

What if Acorns Fails? 

SIPC-protected investment accounts

  • Member of SIPC, which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). Explanatory brochure available upon request or at

FIDC-protected checking accounts

  • Checking accounts are insured up to $250,000 per depositor through its banking partners, Lincoln Savings Bank or nbkc bank, Members FDIC.  For more information visit

Ways to protect your Acorns account

There are a few small, easy steps that you can take to help keep your Acorns account secure.

Use a strong, unique password

Create a new, tough-to-crack password for your Acorns account that you don’t use for any other account. For example, randomized strings of words are much harder to crack than, say, your pet’s name. If you need help coming up with strong, unique passwords try checking out a password manager.

Turn on multi-factor authentication

When you turn on Multi-Factor Authentication, we’ll send a six-digit code to your phone or email every time you log into your Acorns account from a new device to make sure you are really you. For help turning on multi-factor authentication, tap here.

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Important Risk Information:

Investing involves risk, including loss of principal.  Please consider, among other important factors, your investment objectives, risk tolerance and Acorns’ pricing before investing.  

Acorns is not a bank.  Acorns Visa™ debit cards and banking services are issued by Lincoln Savings Bank or nbkc bank, members FDIC. Acorns Checking clients are not charged overdraft fees, maintenance fees, or ATM fees for cash withdrawals from in-network ATMs. Please see your Acorns Subscription Center or Account Statements for a description of the fees you pay to Acorns for its services. Any balances you hold with Lincoln Savings Bank or nbkc bank, including but not limited to those balances held in Acorns Checking accounts are added together and are insured up to $250,000 per depositor through Lincoln Savings Bank or nbkc bank, Members FDIC. If you have funds jointly owned, these funds would be separately insured for up to $250,000 for each joint account owner. Lincoln Savings Bank or nbkc bank utilizes a deposit network service, which means that at any given time, all, none, or a portion of the funds in your Acorns Checking accounts may be placed into and held beneficially in your name at other depository institutions which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). For a complete list of other depository institutions where funds may be placed, please visit Balances moved to network banks are eligible for FDIC insurance once the funds arrive at a network bank. To learn more about pass-through deposit insurance applicable to your account, please see the Account Documentation. Additional information on FDIC insurance can be found at

Dollar Cost Averaging does not ensure a profit or protect against losses.  It involves continuous investing regardless of fluctuating price levels. Investments cannot be made in an index. Unmanaged index returns do not reflect any fees, expenses or sales charges.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No investment strategy and no level of diversification or asset allocation can ensure profits or guarantee against losses.

A properly suggested portfolio recommendation is dependent upon current and accurate financial and risk profiles. Clients who have experienced changes to their goals, financial circumstances or investment objectives, or who wish to modify their portfolio recommendation, should promptly update their information in the Acorns app or through the website. 

Investment advisory services offered by Acorns Advisers, LLC (Acorns), an SEC-registered investment advisor. Brokerage services are provided to clients of Acorns by Acorns Securities, LLC, an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC.

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