Before we get into how to invest in the Bitcoin ETF, here’s why we are adding this feature, this way.

  1. Diversification. Investing a portion of your portfolio in the Bitcoin ETF can help you diversify your investments, or spread them around, instead of investing in one stock. This can help you weather market bumps long-term.

  2. Investing for the long-term. This Bitcoin ETF invests in Bitcoin futures, not directly in Bitcoin. Similar to stock market futures, Bitcoin futures give you exposure to Bitcoin by investing in their potential value, without requiring that you own the cryptocurrency itself.

  3. Bit by Bit. Instead of investing a lot of your money in a historically volatile asset like Bitcoin, you can invest up to 5% of your investments in the Bitcoin ETF, depending on your investor profile. This way, you can explore Bitcoin ETF exposure in your portfolio, and potentially benefit if it performs well over time, without the risk of going all in.

Here’s how it works:

  1. From your Acorns app, tap the announcement modal or tap “Invest for your future.”

  2. Tap “Portfolio,” and scroll down to find the Bitcoin ETF card.  

  3. Learn all about the feature, including the disclosures.

  4. Tap “Add to your portfolio.”

  5. Follow the prompts to confirm your portfolio update. 

Once the update is confirmed, future investments will be divvied up to help you reach your new investment targets. 

If you’re in the Acorns Conservative portfolio, you can invest 1% of future investments in the Bitcoin ETF; Moderately Conservative, 2%; Moderate, 3%; Moderately Aggressive, 4% and Aggressive, 5%. 

If you decide to add exposure to the Bitcoin ETF to your portfolio, please make sure you understand the risks. 

We’re excited to help you diversify your investments, while supporting your long-term financial best interests!

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