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7 Best Finance Podcasts

Sep 26, 2023
in a nutshell
  • Personal finance podcasts can help you learn about managing your money.
  • Journey to Launch helps people reach financial independence.
  • So Money discusses topics from career development to tax efficiencies.
Image of If you’re looking to boost your investment knowledge or need tips to pay off debt, finance podcasts can help you improve your money management skills.
in a nutshell
  • Personal finance podcasts can help you learn about managing your money.
  • Journey to Launch helps people reach financial independence.
  • So Money discusses topics from career development to tax efficiencies.

Whether you’re looking to boost your investment knowledge or for tips to pay off debt, personal finance podcasts can help you improve your money management skills. 

Here are some finance podcasts to consider checking out: 

1. Earn Your Leisure Podcast, Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings 

Since its launch, millions of people have downloaded the Earn Your Leisure podcast. The financial podcast covers business concepts and highlights entrepreneur success stories. It also gives behind-the-scenes insights into the entertainment and sports industries. 

Hosted by Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings — an elementary school teacher and a financial advisor that have been friends since they were young children — the podcast breaks down financial topics into easy-to-understand concepts. 

2. Minority Money Podcast, Emlen Miles-Mattingly

Emlen Miles-Mattingly launched the Minority Money Podcast to address disparities in financial health among minority groups.

Miles-Mattingly has spent two decades working in the financial services industry, and is currently working toward earning a certified financial planner (CFP) credential. 

The podcast focuses on a holistic view to financial health. Past episodes have featured guest experts that covered topics like shifting career paths in your 40’s, managing rising inflation rates and travel hacking with credit card rewards. 

3. So Money, Farnoosh Torabi

Farnoosh Torabi is one of the best-known personal finance experts in the country.  As an author, she helped people create budgets and invest for their futures, and later made regular appearances on morning talk shows to share money management tips. Today, Torabi is the editor-at-large of CNET Money and founder of the So Money podcast. 

So Money features well-known authors and media personalities to share their expertise and personal experiences on everything from career development to improving tax efficiency — all through a lens of inclusivity.  

4. Journey To Launch, Jamila Souffrant

Jamila Souffrant, a certified financial education instructor, launched the Journey to Launch podcast in 2016. Last year, the podcast had over two million downloads, and it’s been featured in publications like Forbes, Money Magazine, and Business Insider. 

The Journey to Launch podcast focuses on helping people achieve financial independence and increase their net worth. Through the podcast, listeners can learn how to create an actionable plan to reach their financial goals. 

Past episodes have featured people who have achieved terrific results, such as paying down six-figures of debt or launching a million-dollar business, to share their stories and advice. Previous guests include entrepreneurs Ramit Sethi, Tori Dunlap and Tasha Booth. 

5. How to Money, Matt Altmix and Joel Larsgaard

Some personal finance podcasts can be intimidating for people that are new to money management; many focus on complex and advanced financial topics like real estate investment trusts (REITs) or tax efficiencies, and beginners may be overwhelmed. 

That’s where the How to Money podcast comes in. It focuses on the foundational skills people need to improve their financial literacy, from building an emergency fund to taking advantage of employer retirement contribution matches. 

By providing jargon-free personal finance guidance, the hosts tackle a range of topics to empower people to manage their money with confidence. 

6. Girls That Invest, Simran Kaur and Sonya Gupthan

In the Girls That Invest podcast, Kaur and Gupthan make Wall Street less intimidating for new investors. The podcast provides valuable information about the stock market and investing so that women can achieve financial independence. Podcast episodes cover everything from safeguarding your money during a recession to overviews of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds

Kair and Gupthan avoid jargon and have a laid back approach to their show; as a result, they have a strong following of women looking to improve their investing knowledge. 

7. Money Rehab, Nicole Lapin

While most podcasts have episodes that are 30 minutes or longer, Nicole Lapin’s Money Rehab podcast has a different approach. Most episodes are less than 15 minutes in length, making them a good choice for people just easing into personal finance that are looking for bite-sized tips and actionable advice. 

Lapin, a best-selling personal finance author and accredited investment fiduciary (AIF), uses her personal experiences with debt and imposter syndrome to provide guidance to her listeners. In previous episodes of her podcast, she tackled topics like setting and keeping financial resolutions, the importance of credit scores, paying off student loans and the pros and cons of buy-now, pay-later programs. 

Tuning in

No matter where you are in your financial journal — whether you're deep in credit card debt or are looking to maximize your investment returns — there is likely a personal finance podcast out there that can help.

Acorns is not affiliated with any of the podcast's or individuals mentioned. There is no assurance that the information provided by these podcast's is accurate or appropriate to all listeners. Please consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Kat Tretina

Kat Tretina is a freelance writer and certified financial and student loan counselor. 

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